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Alan Willett speaks about Leading the Unleadable: Transforming Friction to Innovation, on the Marketing Thought Leadership podcast

Gene Hammett interviews Linda Popky on his Leaders in the Trenches blog — Using Friction to Improve Your Marketing with Linda Popky


Different Seats Lead to Fresh Insights – Changing seats will change what your looking at and how you see it.  This is a key to mastering the transforming the heat of friction into innovation.

The Double Helix of Speed – It is not just about speed.  It is always about speed to value. This blog post provides the secret double helix of speed and acceleration.

Turn Up the Heat for Innovation – Applying pressure is a tricky thing.  The right kind of pressure is key to bringing out the best in your people.  Yet applied incorrectly, the heat from friction becomes destructive.  This blog explores how to turn up the heat for innovation.

First Friction The demands of the marketplace versus the engineering realities is often one of the hottest friction points.  Volkswagen melted in the heat of this friction point with costs that are in the billions of dollars.  This post was written when Volkswagon was suggesting in the news that the emissions test failure was a “defect.” Indeed, in so many ways, it was.

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