How well is your organization managing friction? Are your teams working together constructively? Do individuals feel empowered to raise unpopular issues and look for innovative solutions? Our Friction Point Assessment will help you identify where things are going well and where to raise or lower the threshold to create constructive friction in your organization.


We offer 1-3 day workshops for public groups, incubators, and intact teams. Workshops are interactive and focus on solving real business problems. Participants leave with an action plan they can begin implementing immediately.

The following a sample of the workshop offerings that will be tailor-fit to your needs. Additional topics are available. We are happy to customize a workshop to meet your specific needs

The Startup Accelerator Workshop

This is the workshop that powers up the dual engines of marketing and development. New businesses want to be fast off the starting line – and then to accelerate. Too often they are slowed, even stopped, by multiple friction points.  Too often, these friction points are based on guessing on what the market needs, without considering the competition, or your ability to turn ideas into actual products quickly.  In this workshop, we help you learn how to get heard above the noise.

Marketing is from Mercury, Engineering from Vulcan Workshop

Engineers and marketers take very different approaches to their work. Often, it can seem as if they are speaking two totally different languages. While both groups may have your organization’s best interests at heart, sometimes it seems like they just don’t see eye-to-eye.

What if you could release the friction between marketing and engineering?  In this workshop, marketing expert Linda Popky and technical innovation expert Alan Willett combine their talents to show you how to create a powerful running engine of speed and innovation.

Turn Conflict Into Innovation Workshop

Organizations often have groups work together where dealing with drama outpaces productivity. This workshop is designed to bring those diverse points of view together. The outcome transforming the heat of that drama into a faster pace of productive value.

Set It On Fire Workshop

The focus of this workshop is exponentially increase the frictional energy of the group and use that heat to produce paradigm leaps of progress.  Alan Willett and Linda Popky bring blow torches of fun and creativity to free participants from self-limiting barriers.  Participants will be challenged in this event in ways that will forever change their perceptions of what is possible!

Additional topics are available. We are happy to customize a workshop to meet your specific needs.

Coaching & Consulting

We offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring for individuals and managers, as well as group coaching programs for teams. Our goal is to help your team maintain the spark of innovation while still working effectively with their counterparts in other parts of the organization.

We will work with you to design a custom engagement that meets your organization’s unique needs and challenges—working with individuals or teams, managers or senior leadership.

Speaking Engagements

Need a compelling speaker for a keynote, breakout session, or to facilitate a group panel? Linda Popky and Alan Willett are both seasoned speakers who are in demand for presentations to corporate groups, non profits, and associations.


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