Lessons from a Firestorm

We talk about using friction to light a fire and create heat, which can be transformed into innovation. The question we’re often asked is what do you do when friction gets out of control and it looks like the whole building may go up in flames. Usually, destructive friction can be managed and [...]

By |August 28, 2018|

Love Your Early Complainers

When I worked at Xerox in the early 1990s, a great decade for Xerox, we were creating breakthrough new technologies for high-end print production systems. Breakthrough products have problems. One of the things Xerox did was reach out to friendly customers and ask them to be FOX (Friends of Xerox) as early adopter [...]

By |July 26, 2018|

When All The Friction In the World Doesn’t Help

We talk about raising the level of friction to drive innovation, but there are times when it doesn’t matter if the friction level is red-hot at 100. Nothing will change. We’ve all seen this happen: Management has set the organization on a determined course and no matter of input, data, or feedback will [...]

By |July 13, 2018|

Blisters are Useful

On one of my runs, my foot developed a blister. In my younger years I ignored these inconveniences and just ran through them.  I won't describe the messy results of this technique. However, now I have been running long distances for many years.  I have learned to pay attention to these friction points. [...]

By |June 29, 2018|

A Loss is a Terrible Thing to Waste

No one wants to lose. We all want to be winners—in sports, in business, in life. Yet, sometimes losing teaches us great lessons that help us be bigger winners in the long run. Two years ago, the Golden State Warriors set an NBA record for most wins in a single season. They were [...]

By |June 16, 2018|

Beware the Mud

The car was spinning its wheels and not getting anywhere.  It is Spring where I live in Western New York, or as some people call it “mud season.”  The unfortunate car parked a bit off-road and found its tires mired in some mud.  Pushing on the gas pedal had no effect other than [...]

By |April 16, 2018|

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